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Besides the super-rare Hildebrand and Wolfmüller coming up for sale at Bonhams' big Las Vegas auction on January 6, 2011, scouts have unearthed an original-paint, very rare 1952 'Touring' Vincent Rapide.  Discovered in a garage in Fresno, CA, the Vincent has only 8500 miles on the clock, and is virtually untouched.  The 'Chinese Red' paint scheme is very popular with collectors, as the Touring version of the Rapide model has 19" wheels and painted, fully valanced mudguards...more room for paint as opposed to the normal Vincent chrome steel blades.  Apparently this machine sat for nearly 50 years, untouched, and will need 'light recommissioning' to make roadworthy...ie, to find out what stopped it back then!

The bike is estimated to sell for $85-100,000, which means the reserve is probably $85k.  Not cheap, but then, not many Vincents are left in original paint, with less than 10k miles!

Nice bike CB 1300 F wallpapers

Nice bike CB 1300 F wallpapers

BMW Bikes Wallpapers

BMW Bikes Wallpapers

Monday, November 29, 2010

BMW S1000RR Gallery

BMW S1000RR Wallpaper

BMW S1000RR Pictures

BMW S1000RR Pictures

BMW HP2 Sport

BMW HP2 Sport

BMW HP2 Sport Bike

BMW HP2 Sport Bike is the sportiest, most powerful and lightest Boxer ever manufactured by BMW. HP2 Sport is the same high performance sport bike that Richard Cooper and Brian Parriott rode to fifth and sixth place finishes in the April's Daytona 200. The HP2 (High Performance 2 Cylinder Boxer) Sport Bike is available in limited supplies and has the MSRP tag of $25,375 plus taxes, license, options and handling charge. More details and pics after the jump.

2011 KTM RC8R Superbike

2011 KTM RC8R Superbike Picture

KTM brings more power to the table with its 2011 RC8R Superbike. The Austrian marque had previously announced a race-ready version of its Twin-powered superbike, dubbed the 1190 RC8R Track, at the earlier INTERMOT show in Cologne. For Milan, the Orange and Black announces changes to the base RC8R with horsepower up to a claimed 175.

The structural architecture of the 1195cc 75-degree Twin is unchanged, including the 105mm bore and 69mm stroke. Internal modifications to the four-valve heads feature a “newly developed dual-plug ignition.” Other changes includes a new crankshaft spinning in the crankcase. The mods add up to an impressive 10 horsepower leap over the previous generation RC8R, with 175 horsepower and 93.7 lb-ft of torque (previous version claimed 165 horsepower and 90.7 lb-ft torque).

The chassis features “a completely new suspension and damping set-up” for the suspension. A revision to the rear shock linkage is also touted, along with a wider array of suspension adjustment settings. Other tweaks include a new gear shift linkage and LED running lights.

Ducati Streetfighter Pictures

Ducati Streetfighter Fighting Sport

Modification Bajaj Pulsar Motor Italian Style

Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTS-I fabricated in 2010 came from India. He alone administer the appearance abounding dress archetypal alias battlefront MotoGP. "Pulsar this box will be added for the purpose of Turing," says the arch of the Riau Bajaj Community...

American Chopper Modification 2010

The American Chopper guys accept advised a NASA Tribute Bike themed about NASA’s Space Shuttle. The bike has been advised in such a way that alike the tiny capacity weren’t abandoned which is what makes this bike so cool. The gas catchbasin is shuttle shaped and the bankrupt pipes admonish you of the Space Shuttle Main Engines. The airbrush address active on the bike is aloof fantastic. You could alike acquisition the miniature-orbiting shuttle ’spinners’ on the wheels. If alone the celebrities in the American Chopper episodes were a little amiable, the bike would accept got a lot added publicity.

Yamaha Bison Modifications

It has been discussed among Indonesian riders that Yamaha will launch a new 150 CC sport bike in 2010. They mentioned that it will beat Honda Mega Pro, Thunder 125, and may also Bajaj Pulsar 180. Well,… you have your own opinion. Let see this Yamaha FZ150 which guess to be the original Bison type. Before it brig to Indonesia, it will be launched India market firts.

New Honda CB1000R (2010) Modifications

The Honda CB1000R 2010 added grabs assimilation of every beholder with the credible metal as beef to add to its accessory and its unstoppable power-packed accomplishment can woo bike enthusiasts. The rear bank rises and the rear tyre is huge with bank saddle pitting a little. These looks of the bike are added added with abridge and abridge addendum cowl and a forward-tilted armament tank. The bunched bikini cowl of the Honda CB1000R makes it accessory afire with its abutting to triangle-shaped multi-reflector headlight (I never had so abounding applause for the wolf-eyed headlight, but this one hit me with a monster accomplished like looks) and appropriate LED position lamp.

Yamaha FZ16 India Review

The Yamaha FZ16 has been a highly awaited bike And is a important bike for Yamaha. They thought reviewing the FZ16 is as important as reviewing a new Maruti automobile, so they did not delay in getting our hands on the Yamaha FZ16.

Suzuki V Strom 650 Spec and Price

2010 Suzuki V Strom 650 Spec And cost - Suzuki Motorcycles. Another 650cc Motorcycles from Suzuki, this is only have 2 cylinders And standard liquid cooled, And DOCH know-how. Estimate cost suzuki v-strom - Base MSRP(US) $7,499.00. you are able to see the Specification And cost below, hope you like it And don't forget if you have any experience And knowledge about "Suzuki V-Strom", you are able to share with us here.. thanks you

Honda RC212V New Model Motorcycleh

Honda RC212V New Model Motorcycleh

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Catherine, who prefers her privacy, started riding in the heady year of 1969.  She always liked motorcycles, and had a boyfriend who rode one of the first Honda CB 750s, but "he scared me, as a passenger, by going too fast.  I decided to get my own bike.  That way, I could control things." Her first choice, a Yamaha DT1 Enduro 250cc, was a bear to kickstart, even for two-stroke, but she kept it for a year...not bothering with a driver's license!

By 1971 she decided a Norton Commando 750 (above, wearing its usual chrome tank) was the bike for her, which led to a string of Commandos, ending with an 850cc Interstate electric-start, which lacked the svelte grace of the previous Roadster models and didn't stay long.  She kept that first Norton for 39 years; it endured a string of other bikes as garage-mates, including a Dresda-framed Suzuki racer (a twin-cylinder two-stroke, weighing all of 110kg), and a lot of Hondas.  The very first Gold Wing in France was hers (the importer was a friend), but Catherine found it horrible..."it was a big shit, and I sold it in 3 weeks. It always felt like it was falling over in corners, and simply wasn't fun...I preferred sporty bikes, and at the time I wanted the biggest bike of all...very American!" she laughs.  By contrast, she also had the very first Honda Dax in France, with a floral seat.

In the early 70s, many of her friends rode Harleys, but she chose a Norton. "Everybody had a Harley Davidson; it was popular to say 'I have a Harley', but my friends who owned them weren't really fond of motorcycles...they just wanted to say they had one.  They didn't ride very well, it was all for show.  
I was working for La Moto magazine in Paris, as a test rider for bikes.  I was also asked to model for a lot of ads which needed a woman on a bike.  Once, I was approached for a commercial for 'Genie' soft drinks, which was filming in that part of Spain they use for Western movies.  They needed a woman who could ride an Enduro bike, so I got the call.  It happened that Giacomo Agostini was also used for the film, so I was able to interview him at the same time.  The article was published in La Moto.  I rode with a gang who were friends with some famous people, so we were pretty visible around Paris."

Her distinctive leathers were made by Parisian Albert Hirsch, whose company 'Dada Cuirs' (Dada Leathers) made some of the finest racing and riding outfits in the world, kitting all the French GP stars from 1971-84; Bernard Fau, Jean-Claude Chemarin, Charles Krajka, and most notably, his friend Michel Rougerie, wearing Dada leathers in the fantastic film Le Cheval de Fer (check out this youtube teaser - if you haven't seen it, buy it!).  Hirsch earned his scissors at fashion houses Lanvin and Hermés, and the quality of Catherine's leathers is clear - they are still in excellent shape nearly 40 years later.

Hirsch made her two sets of one-piece leathers, one in black, the other red, with the black meant to be tucked into boots, and the red with bell-bottoms - the height of fashion.  He made the custom 'flaming Norton' logo for her chest, and Catherine's personal logo, the panther, for the back.

Catherine "considered having the panther tattooed on my arm, but walking into the parlor and seeing the tattoo artist and a very stoned customer turned me off completely, and I walked out.  Now I'm glad I didn't do it."  While she included her leathers with the Norton when sold earlier this year (they don't fit anymore!), she kept a fur-lined riding jacket; "I had Dada make the fur collar really tall so it would cover my nose while riding and keep my face warm."

Regarding the Norton...it was difficult for her to sell such a long-time friend, but she "finally found someone I felt would take good care of it" in Paris, along with her leathers... although she's keeping the beautiful hand-painted tank which adorns it for these photographs.  It's a spare, which she gave to a group of artist and musician friends in '71 to paint as they chose, and she loved the result.  A treasured possession, she declines to publicize who did the work, as the artist didn't sign it, and she doesn't want to be bothered by 'trophy hunters'.

What I can say about this tank, painted in an era of 'heightened consciousness' in Paris...it is simply sublime, one of the finest custom paint jobs on a motorcycle tank I've ever seen, very sweet in a depiction of youthful, virginal innocence, the Springtime of life.  Alas, that image was stark contrast to the reality of the time, when so many of Catherine's friends "used Everything", while she preferred the high of riding a powerful motorcycle.  Sadly, the painter died soon after the tank was finished, a victim of his own indulgence, but Catherine keeps the tank, and her memories, close at hand.

Husqvarna at Motorcycle Live


Husqvarna are at this weeks Motorcycle Live at the Birmingham NEC for the first time under the stewardship of parent company BMW. Amongst the bikes for 2011 that they are displaying is the SMR511 weighing only 118kgs the SMR511 is  the most of its powerful single cylinder, twin cam power unit and is the latest flagship supermoto to be developed by the multiple World Championship winning brand.


In addition the Husqvarna Motorcycle Live stand R424 Hall 3, will show off  the dual purpose TE630 trail, an new addition to the 600cc single-cylinder four-stroke on/off-road sector. Designed to attract those less competition-minded riders who use their bikes every day and need more comfort and practicality.

Ride safe.

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